General Conditons

General Conditons

The construction project follows the characteristic typological canons of the Emerald Coast, which are based in turn to rural Mediterranean buildings. They are built in order to better follow the shape of the slope.


  • The foundations are made of reinforced concrete with improved adherence of iron bars and under-lean concrete for the roof decking;
  • The perimeter of the Masonry Basement is made of concrete for retaining wall, with iron rods with improved adherence in its armature, equipped with air chamber. The bearing structure in elevation is made of load-bearing walls in the formwork block of wood-concrete, with polystyrene of 25 cm high thermal and acoustic insulation.

The insulation in the ground walls of the basement will be assured by the application of a liquid elastomeric waterproofing sheath, based on acrylic copolymers modified in aqueous dispersion which, after drying, forms an elastic and tenacious film, suitably protected with fondalina to PVC blisters.

The interior partitions are made of perforated terracotta bricks.

False ceilings and vaults, where foreseen by the project, will be realized with profiled rods and wire mesh.

The floors are in Biancone di’Orosei, sandblasted and etched, assembled into modules, with various sizes tiles but constant thickness, 2 cm.
The coatings of the bathrooms are made of tiles size 10 × 10 cm, and the mosaic of the same marble.

Swing frames and / or meranti wood with section 58 × 95 mm (windows and French doors), fittings with multiple locking points, handles nickel satin, double-glazing 4/12/4 for small lights and 6-7 / 9 / 6-7 for lights above the square meter and / or colored glass art with technique “cotisso” Murano and flat glass, double seal, pull down mosquito nets, wooden shutters meranti fixed slats with sections 45 × 95 mm and ferra brass mint, dark meranti wood, the latter where required.
Sliding doors and windows concealed in the wall, meranti wood.
Doors of meranti wood front, worked manually with planer, such as the drawing of the construction site art direction, type lock “Sicur Top”, antiqued hardware (nails pounding, hinges, knobs, handles, etc …).
chestnut wood doors and solid ash, according to the illustration of the construction site art direction, antiqued handles, trims in essence, if any.

Made of granite “yellow St. James’, Biancone of Orosei sandblasted and etched and natural terracotta.

All internal walls are plastered to the Sardinian; the outer ones are partly plastered to the Sardinian and partly coated split stone and granite “yellow St. James.”

Particular attention will be paid to the preservation of existing rocks and vegetation, where the terrain allows, while there will be planted essences and typical local Mediterranean shrubs, green lawn and flower beds.

The development plan provides for the creation of “service” parking lots, that is to say a service to the entire housing development parking lots, and private car parks for the single dwelling.
The park is bordered by a wall made of hewn stone, about 1.70 ml, with monoliths in corners that lead a wooden cover with chestnut strips.

They are positioned according to the structure and location of the house. Because the land has a steep slope and because the villa is on different levels, according to the desire to follow the natural contours of the land, two basins separated staggered dimensions were designed.
The technique used is that of “infinity pools”: the water overflows continuously along the edge, collected from the overflow channel, is conveyed by gravity into a settling tank called “overflow tank”, located below the larger tank and in adherence to the technical room.
The choice of creating a spillway edge has considerable advantages:
the first aesthetic, visual impact given to the mirror effect of this type of pool, the second of a technical nature, is represented by the highest water quality, in fact in the pool the polluted water layer (from insects, leaves, tanning products …), it remains on the surface, and continuously overflowing into the overflow channel is naturally eliminated.

In the floors of porches and terraces, before laying the pipes, in the parts exposed to rising damp, seepage and rainwater will be appropriately placed two layers of bituminous membrane of adequate thickness, heat sealed.
The terrace flooring is made in Biancone of Orosei, sandblasted and etched, assembled into modules, with various sizes tiles but constant thickness, 2 cm, the coating of the tanks is of Orosei Biancone mosaic and swimming pool are blocks molded of the same marble.

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